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New Motor Installation Services

Is your home always filled with garage door opening noise whenever someone uses it? Is your room located near the garage or just above it so you are annoyed by the noise of garage door? If yes, then the team of Garage door repair at Sleepy Hollow, NY can help you. We make sure that the garage door problem is solved after taking one look at it. We will go to the root of the problem like the motor chain is noisy and fix it. We would suggest that you opt for a new motor that has belt drive rather than chain for ensuring that you hear less noise next door.

We are also experts at installing the new motor you have got from somewhere and you have no idea how to install it as the instruction manual has boggled our mind. We have tons of years of experience in installation of garage door, motors and fixing broken spring issues so you can trust us to install the motor of your choice within a few hours. We also configure accessories like remotes for your benefit after the installation and don’t charge any extra money for it so it’s a kind of discount for you.

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